What We Do

We are your Human Resource Team

We’re here to help. Your HR team should be an asset to your organization – a support system that naturally represents your vision, mission, values, and goals. Of course we can run payroll and manage your benefits. We also build relationships and support your company culture. We take your lead and align ourselves to represent you. Our approach is completely customized for your unique needs, ensuring that you remain in control and we serve as an additional resource for you.

We are flexible and can build a team that directly suits your needs. We have worked with existing HR departments, have helped build new HR departments, and have become the HR department for many clients. We’re not going to step on toes – we’re going to roll up our sleeves and work alongside you.

Some clients prefer to use us on a project basis, whether they need an audit or they are facing a special challenge – like a difficult termination or an I-9 audit. We can do that! It often helps to have another set of eyes on things.

We can be your back office. Have a great HR team that is swamped? Let us take on some of the administrative burden. This is a great way to save money, as we can operate in partial employees. Your HR office work gets done behind the scenes and we work with you or your team to get you some time back. Our admin services are often used for onboarding, pay rate processing, new hire processing, document tracking, benefits management, and other similar tasks.

Most of our clients hire us as their full time HR and payroll department. We offer seamless integration where we learn your business and represent ourselves as your HR team. This allows us to make sure you’re in compliance, run your payroll, manage benefits, serve you and your employees, and help you achieve your business goals. We are there to hire, run payroll, handle difficult situations, talk to employees, manage benefits, and much more.

Find out how we can provide you with an amazing HR team and still save you money!

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • HR Outsourcing (Let us do it all!)
  • Payroll Processing
  • HR Practice Reviews and Audits
  • Employment Law Compliance Audit
  • Design and Implementation of Policies & Procedures
  • Workplace Design
  • Performance Management
  • New Hire Processing/Onboarding
  • Job Design and Job Description Development
  • Internal & External Training
  • Employee Retention
  • Organizational Culture
  • Document Design, Use and Storage
  • Employee Selection and Hiring
  • Compensation and Employee Benefits
    • Flexible Workplace Initiatives
    • Family Medical Leave Act
    • Retirement Plans
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    • Fair Labor Standards Act
    • Employee Management & Relations
    • Employee Behavior & Motivation
    • Employee Health Programs
    • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) Concerns
    • Unemployment Claims
    • Difficult Terminations
    • Small Business Start Up and Growth
    • Family Owned Organizations
    • Executive Coaching
    • Organizational Growth & Expansion
We want to build relationships and trust so we can be our clients’ long-term HR department.

The bottom line – we know you’re thinking about it. What is this going to cost me?

People are most certainly a significant investment for any business and you already have a budget. We place a lot of value on forming relationships and being honest and transparent, as well as ensuring that our awesome clients are getting excellent service at a fair price. In general, we price our full service agreements using company size as a guideline. Of course, even then there are unique situations that will ultimately dictate the price you pay for an amazing HR team. For example, we assume a biweekly or semi-monthly pay schedule. If you pay once a week, we may charge just a bit more. Or if you have a really established, tenured workforce with low turnover and strong policies in place, we may be able to charge a bit less.

No matter what, we know our services will cost you less than hiring an HR professional directly.  That’s because we can pool our knowledge over here, giving you several HR experts for the price of less than one. You don’t have to house us, pay our taxes or insure us, either. No fringe benefits or expense reports to worry about. One price for HR awesomeness. Contact us today and we will explore all of your options.