Our Values

  • ​​We are Deliberate
  • We are Direct​
  • We have Integrity
  • We are Your​​​​​​​ Partner
  • We are Human

Our Purpose

To encourage and energize leaders who dream big

Our Focus

Personal personnel services

HR Table

The study of organizations.

ORGANIZOLOGY is a professional organizational consulting firm specializing in solving your human resource challenges by providing reasonable, immediately applicable solutions.

We may have a big name and some fancy credentials, but we are realists. We aren't afraid of doing work, and we are dedicated to providing no-frills solutions to your business challenges. We learn about you - your values, goals, challenges and environment - and tailor our work to address your specific needs. We pay attention to your industry, your goals, your budget, and your time.

Our Team

People can make or break your business. We are no different. We have some incredible people here ready to help you out. We work as a team to make sure that you get the best of all of us, and we match our consultants' areas of expertise and personal strengths to your business, giving you a partner in your operations.

Angela Zacharias, Ph.D.

Founding Consultant

Jake Zacharias


Jaime Serghini, PHR

HR Consultant

Erica Sotelo

HR Assistant

Angela Zacharias, Ph.D.

Our fearless leader, Dr. Zacharias is an organizational and human resources professional with over 15 years of experience.  She is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and as a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). She enjoys adding alphabet soup to her email signatures and encourages her staff to join in the fun. Everyone is required to have at least 15 pieces of flair.

With a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and years of practice, she provides our clients with the coaching and consulting they need to face the workforce-related challenges of today's market. She worked hard for her fancy credentials, but she has worked even harder to gain the kind of experience that results in really practical solutions that fit neatly into clients' business practices.

Dr. Zacharias excels at policy and procedure development, process design, business expansion and development, executive coaching and leadership development, employee performance, regulatory compliance, and much more. She's passionate about her work. When most people are moaning and groaning about reading an employee handbook, she's making a latte and excitedly diving in. She values accountability, good listening, self-determination, realism and creative, applicable solutions to business challenges. She believe that people need to be treated like people and that there is great value in hard work.

As much fun as Dr. Zacharias has helping clients achieve their own goals, she values work-life balance. In her free time, she spends time with her family and loves being outside on her suburban Cypress ranch. A Wisconsin native, Dr. Zacharias also spent almost a decade living and working in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish, which comes in handy in the Houston area.

Jaime Serghini, PHR

Jaime holds a Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has extensive experience in managing people. While we love that she is very knowledgeable in areas such as recruitment and selection, employee relations, leadership development, training, and stress management, Jaime's best quality is her go-getter, I can do this, spirit.

Jaime came to Organizology from the commercial flight industry. For our clients, that means that she has seen and heard it all, and she's unphased in even the most stressful situations. She is able to look at situations from a variety of angles and keep teams focused on the right things in order to move forward successfully. She is also experienced in both union and non-union environments, and she understands how to navigate through all kinds of labor negotiations and contracts.

Jaime's background affords her a strong understanding of regulatory compliance and employee management. She has developed and operated mentoring, succession planning and talent acquisition programs. She is fantastic at hiring events and managing onboarding and new hire training.

Second only to her "I've got this" attitude is her ability to express herself through movie quotes and her unconventional but extremely effective tactics to get hired at Organizology. Give her a call and we bet she'll tell you!

Jake Zacharias

Jake has been with Organizology from the start - in fact he was a supporter of Organizology even before it started. He is an excellent speaker and is our lead trainer. Early in his career, he toured the United States as a motivational speaker and trainer. His approach is a great representation of the Organizology way - honest and straightforward. He has a knack for reading people and is observant beyond what should be humanly possible. His ability to reach a wide audience as he speaks is impressive to watch.

He is a career firefighter, which has afforded him opportunities to earn multiple certifications as well as design and implement training programs for fire departments as well as fire academies. He also owns and operates a commercial and residential real estate organization, giving him additional insight into business operations, staffing, employee and client relations, time management, and more.

Jake's best quality is his ability to draw the truth out of people. He knows when something isn't right, and he'll work with you until you both figure out what it is. He bases his solutions on the situation at hand and will look you in the eye and give you an honest assessment of how to address it. He's willing to help anyone through anything and he'll do it with patience and humility.

Erica Sotelo

Erica is the newest member of the Organizology team. She is the rock that keeps us on track when things get hectic - and when you help as many people as we do, hectic is a daily state!

Erica can quote movies like no other, deserves awards for how focused and efficient she is, and is always open to learning new things. She jumped ship in the medical industry to join us in HR and she's really awesome at it! Her background is communication and graphic design, and we've capitalized on that already.  When you call us, it's usually Erica that you get to speak to first. She's a great resource and an impressive multitasker. She keeps us on our toes.

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