Let us be your HR Department!

Are you spending enough time on your business? Let us take on the day to day tasks so you can work your dream job. Not only can we help you achieve your goals, but we can help you protect your organization and hard work. Companies without an HR professional have higher personnel expenses than companies with a strong HR team. This is in a large part due to unnecessary expenses and violations of labor law. It also comes from the business owner taking on duties that can be handled at a fraction of the cost. We can organize your personnel information, keep you in compliance and run your payroll. You get a team of seasoned HR professionals at your disposal. Find out how we can provide you with an amazing HR team and still save you money!


We work on your terms. We provide you with the information and resources you need, specific to the context of your organization.


Our consultants are experts in the field of human resources, organizational development, compliance, and operations.


We work with your team to develop a workplace that will support your vision and mission as well as contribute to your bottom line.

ORGANIZOLOGY is a human resources service firm in Spring, Texas. We focus on helping small businesses and start ups design and operate a successful business, especially when it comes to employees. We serve as your HR and payroll department so you can focus on developing your business. Don't sit in front of your computer trying to run payroll when you could be out building your business!

In addition to being the HR and payroll department, our services include organizational growth consulting, talent acquisition and development, employment law compliance, policy development, executive coaching, and much more.

We don't subscribe to the idea that it's business, not personal. It's your hard work and sacrifice that makes your business. It's always personal to us. We take pride in helping our clients succeed and that's a good thing. Whether your questions are about operations, employees, compliance, or just getting an objective opinion, we're here for you.

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