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or·gan·i·zol·o·gy: the study of organizations

We know business, especially the people side of business. We also understand that each organization is unique. We offer several customized solutions, including the option of a fully outsourced Human Resources, payroll and benefits department. We also offer a HR admin support services as well as a service level dedicated to the die hard do it all-types. No matter what service level you choose, we are here to save you time and money, as well as headaches when it comes to serving the employees who support you and your goals. 

Outsourcing and outside help doesn’t have to be awkward and HR isn’t all dark suits and terminations. We have dedicated ourselves to breaking the HR mold and truly being of service to our clients. We become part of the team and that sets us apart from our competition. We don’t believe that it’s business, not personal. It’s your hard work and sacrifice that makes your business. We take extra care to become a steward of your brand and be part of your team. In fact, unless you tell them, most of the time employees don’t realize that we’re outsourced. One of the best things about Organizology’s services is that we can jump in immediately and start working – so whether you unexpected lost a key HR team member, you grew to a size that warrants HR, or you are just tired of doing it all yourself, our start up process is quick and easy. With most clients, we are up and running within a day, and within a month it feels like we’ve always been part of the team. 

From basic administrative support to full HR and Payroll Departments, we can help.

Explore the Organizology family of services:


Awesome HR Team

Awesome HR Team offers scalable outsource solutions. From outsourced administrative support for HR, benefits or payroll to a fully outsourced Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll Department, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is here for you. This service offering is best for organizations looking to add or replace HR services for less than the cost of full time personnel. We provide the entire HR, benefits, and/or payroll department and save you time and money in the process.



GOAT HR is a membership program. No kidding, for just $100 per month, you have access to a whole team of HR experts who can advise and train you. You take the lead in employee interactions and tasks, but GOAT offers the knowledge and resources you need. This is a great solution for owners or managers who do it all and it’s an excellent support system for HR pros who work alone.  We are available via chat, text, phone, or email. Membership gets you access to our on demand and live training, too!


Tactical HR Team

Our Tactical HR Team specializes in providing outsourced HR, Benefits and Payroll to Emergency Services, including ESDs, Fire Departments, EMS, and more. We understand how Emergency Services is different and we respect the unique culture and needs of the industry. We provide full HR, Benefits and/or Payroll Departments to our clients so they can focus on their immediate tasks. We also offer the option of support services for existing departments – whether you need project help or ongoing services, we’re ready to go.