Employment Opportunities

We’re hiring!

We want team members who are ready for hard work, love to learn, and customer-service oriented. We are a team of HR professionals who work closely with our clients to be their partner in business. We’re detail oriented, strong communicators, and we hold true to our values. We also like to have fun. If you’re looking for the kind of job that is the same every day, this is not going to be it. But if you’re thrilled by the unknown, aren’t afraid of a challenge, and can quote movies like no other, we want to hear from you. Oh, it helps a great deal if you actually want to be in the field of HR, as that is what we do here. Lots of people, lots of computer work, lots of organization, and lots of laughs.

Interested in joining the team?

If you are an enthusiastic, organized, flair-wearing HR-loving professional, we are looking for you! Organizology is an HR consulting and coaching company with a focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses put the right policies and people in place for success. We coach, develop policies, document (a lot), monitor compliance, and run payrolls (and save the day…all the time). We got into this field with our eyes wide open and we love it.

The ideal candidate for our crew is a team player who can also work independently. We want you to grow with us, so if you have a background in HR, including possibly certifications or degrees, that is a huge plus for us. If you have some experience under your belt and are looking for excitement, talk to us! We need people who are passionate about our field and who understand how important it is to treat people like people – from executives to employees. We’re not full of complicated ideas and hot air. We’re roll up our sleeves people who work hard to help our clients succeed.

Let’s be real. A lot of what we do is paperwork. Payrolls are intense and then there is everything else – documenting terminations, warnings, commendations, onboarding, and the list goes on. We make lots of phone calls and send lots of emails. We need people who are passionate about growing in the field of HR and who are service oriented. Reliable, professional and consistent are words that come to mind when thinking about our team. But fun, too. We love our jobs and we love to laugh (even on payroll days). Sometimes it takes extra coffee to get there. Don’t worry. We have good coffee.

Fit in our culture is important. We have strong values and we practice them every day. We work remotely and from our clients’ offices. Our jobs are a steady stream of people. It’s busy and dynamic. When we do end up in our office together, we usually work in the same room. It can be loud and busy.  Corner offices aren’t our thing, but we do really enjoy our work and we’re proud of what we do!

Got What it Takes?