Find what you’re good at and keep doing it.

My 7 year old self said veterinarian. My 15 year old self said singer. My 20 year old self probably said nothing or everything. And today (insert age assumption here) says people. Specifically people in business. I have to own it! I’m good at human resources. And I love it. It’s amazing that I got to build an entire business around it.

Now, one of the challenges I face, like many businesses, is staying focused on what I’m truly good at. I love that I have this amazing opportunity to help other HR professionals learn and grow and find their own passions. I love that my clients are always so pleased by the amazing service we provide for them. It’s awesome that I’ve been able to take my HR career far from the place where it’s just about filing paperwork and complying, and instead pushed toward the value of people in a business. It’s cool that I’ve helped employees and employers find success together. I love that it’s become so personal – to me and all of those we serve at Organizology.

The flipside of finding what you’re good at and focusing on that thing is taking things you’re not good at off your plate. Am I talking to you? Are you an incredible visionary with a business that you’re excited about? Are you in your office thinking about how you’re going to balance payroll, tax reports, the remodel your front office needs, next week’s advertising push, and now your best shift manager walked in to give you her two weeks’ notice? How much of that is what you’re good at?

Knowing what you’re good at and knowing where to draw the line is critical to success. As business owners, we often want to take on everything – people, accounting, IT, marketing, facilities, and everything else. But if you really think about how much time you put into those areas, are you really saving money by doing it yourself? Maybe, assuming all is well. But what happens when there’s an audit, a plumbing emergency, or year end reports due? Right in the middle of working a big sale or developing a new product. Can you do both? Should you do both?

The answer is no. First, you don’t have time. Second, you’re not good at it. Would you hire someone to do a job they weren’t good at? No way! You may need to stop here and fire yourself from a few roles. There are a lot of aspects of business where you have to have expertise that goes beyond just going through the motions and requires experience and training. I’ll admit that I dislike accounting as much as I like HR. I outsource my bookkeeping, my taxes, my insurance, my legal…It’s cheaper and it’s done better. I don’t make costly mistakes by trying to keep everything on my plate. I let each expert do his or her job and I focus on being the best at mine.

Outsourcing HR and payroll is a great way to do this. Sure, you can hire someone. But outsourcing is powerful. We offer not just one person, but a team of experts available to you. We act as your partner and support system, helping you find, hire, retain, and pay the right people for your business. You don’t have to worry about our office space, equipment, or health – there is always someone here who answers the phone and knows what’s going on.

Are you focused on what you’re good at? If you’re interested in getting a few things off your plate, I’d love to hear from you! I’ll give a 10% discount on monthly services to anyone who is ready to get more focused on what you’re good at and offload the things you shouldn’t be doing yourself…like HR and payroll.